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Museum of Fire

About the Museum of Fire

The Penrith Museum of Fire is a unique and captivating museum that displays fire service vehicles with remarkable provenance, dating as far back as 1841! This Australian historical treasure was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register in 2013. It houses 1898 Shand Mason Curricle Ladders – one of only two known-remaining models from this series moulded by London’s noted company Shand Mason & Company between 1898 and 1998. Contained within its walls also lies an exquisite example of craftsmanship: The iconic 1869 7-inch Manual Fire Engine designed exclusively for use by Shand Mason himself.

The Museum houses an impressive collection of firefighting artifacts sure to fascinate young and old alike. Visitors can experience centuries-old fire engines, uniforms, tools and equipment that are part of our world’s history. Kids will, especially delight in the ride-on engine as well as interactive computer games – a perfect way to wrap up their visit before hitting the playground or picnic area! There is also plenty to explore at The Museum gift shop for all ages on your memorable journey through time.

Museum of fire

What to do at the Museum of Fire

Embark on an adventure into the danger and heroism of firefighting at Australia’s renowned Museum of Fire! Delve deep into this engaging history, admiring a wide variety of artefacts that showcase generations of courageous firefighters.

For a unique, educational experience the whole family is sure to love, visit the Museum of Fire in Penrith. Home to an exciting collection of fire-fighting vehicles and memorabilia from across the decades that children are certain to be absorbed by for hours on end – there’s something here for all ages! Suppose you’re looking for insight into how fires start and what it takes to put them out safely. In that case, this should definitely make your “must see” list as they have over 30 years’ worth of programs offering information & education about prevention & protection against fire dangers. Come down today – it’s sure to spark curiosity!

Fire museum

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