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Narrow Escape Rooms

About Narrow Escape Rooms

Narrow Escape Rooms is a family-owned and operated business providing Western Sydney with an unforgettable experience. Our unique escape rooms challenge couples or small groups (2 – 18 players) to work together, uncovering clues, solving puzzles and completing missions. We have three thrilling games available: ‘Launch’, can you save the world from Aliens?; ‘The Inheritance’, where contestants compete for Aunt Mays’s fortune; and finally, our most enigmatic game yet – ‘Undetected’: Can you break in undetected & steal the item before time runs out? Come join them now!

Gather your group of closest friends and challenge each other’s problem-solving skills at Narrow Escape Rooms in Penrith, Sydney. You can choose between three unique games: Launch to stop an alien invasion; Undetected for stealing revolutionary technology, or The Inheritance for finding a wealthy aunt’s lost will. Can you solve all clues within 60 minutes? Put everyone’s minds together as time passes quickly! Kids aged eight years old and up can take part, too – it is sure to get their adrenaline flowing!

Narrow Escape

What to do at Narrow Escape Rooms

Test your wit and cunning with Narrow Escape Rooms! Can you find the hidden clues, crack challenging puzzles and accomplish your mission before time runs out? With a range of thrilling themed rooms to choose from, gather two to six players for an exciting adventure that will put teamwork and problem-solving skills on trial. Come join us at our family-owned business located in Penrith; success awaits those who can beat the clock!

Feeling stuck in a mental rut? A narrow Escape room can help you out! Perfect for couples, families or groups of friends looking to solidify their bond, Narrow Escape offers fun activities and puzzles that challenge adult minds. Bring your younger ones too – kids aged eight and up can play Launch with supervision from adults, while those twelve plus have the chance to experience The Inheritance game. Looking for something special as a birthday surprise? Check out their children’s parties – it will be an unforgettable celebration!

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Name: Concrete Penrith Experts

Address: 31 Lugard St, Penrith NSW 2750

Telephone: (04) 8390 0201