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Rusty Penny Brewing

About Rusty Penny Brewing

Rusty Penny Brewing is the brainchild of local friends Matt and Mark, whose shared passion for craft brewing has grown from a dream in 2007 to reality today. Their nano-brewery based in Penrith opened its doors back in 2018, offering beer enthusiasts an expansive range of pilsners, pale ales, IPAs, and stouts brewed with finesse. Now the brewery has moved into a new manufacturing site that promises locals an immersive classic brewer experience, complete with plenty of seating amid their selection of delicious brews at the bar.

Rusty Penny Brewing invites craft beer lovers to experience a unique on-site brewery adventure. Located in the heart of Penrith, our visitors will enjoy an immersive and interactive atmosphere with delicious food paired perfectly with freshly brewed small batches crafted right before your eyes. Our inviting facility has plenty of seating for large groups who want to celebrate any special occasion or just casual gatherings that feature the smells and sounds of brewing ale like never before!

Rusty Penny Brewing

What to do at Rusty Penny Brewing

Come and explore their state-of-the-art brewery in the heart of Penrith! Get ready to feast on delicious food from wherever you sit as you watch skilled brewmasters work their magic. To top it off, choose one (or more) speciality craft beers for a truly immersive experience.

Come on down to their brewery in Penrith, the perfect destination for a unique and immersive experience! Their brand new small-batch brewing facility offers craft beer lovers the chance to watch their favourite tipples come alive before their eyes. Enjoy a selection of freshly brewed beers from our bar with tasty food dishes while taking in all that’s happening at brewmasters’ workstations. Plus, it makes an ideal spot for casual group events – whatever you need celebrating, they’ve got you covered! To book, please contact them during opening hours.

Come to the Brewery and tantalize your taste buds with delicious Texas-style barbeque from Smokin’ Hot n Saucy! Enjoy these low & slow-cooked dishes paired perfectly with a Rusty Penny beer. Get ready for an unforgettable experience of flavour in one great location!


One local company in Penrith that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Penrith Experts

Address: 31 Lugard St, Penrith NSW 2750

Telephone: (04) 8390 0201